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We build paths and steps, which can be incorporated into the garden.  Steps provide a useful feature if the garden is on a slope.

Paths can be used to separate areas of the garden and make the garden more accessible.

Paths throughout the garden make it more accessible to wheel chair users.

Planters can also be built into the landscape.


Landscaping Services

We build and create decking. 

Decking is useful as an extension to the home and garden, providing an outdoor area for entertaining friends and family.  

Having an area of Decking also minimizes the garden mainenance.

We also provide a cleaning service for decking.

Our team also build walls & re-point side walls etc.


MountjoyGroundforce provide garden fencing for the perimeter of your home. Fencing provides an attractive layer of security and privacy to your garden that is very easily maintained. Our range of fencing is also available for commercial properties.

Paths provide a layer of structure and accessibility to any home garden. MountjoyGroundforce can construct paths from a wide array of materials, but we excel in those made from block paving.

Patios are a great, long-lasting alternative to decking, and give your garden an air of stability and style. MountjoyGroundforce provide both natural stone and block paving patios for your garden.

We are the specialists in laying turf, especially with domestic properties, MountjoyGroundforce have the years of experience and know how to tackle it!
We only use high quality grass turf, which provides an excellent year round appearance. It has a medium fine texture and is suitable for all landscaping projects where good wear tolerance and easy maintenance is required.
We believe that laying turf is like “outdoor decorating” in many ways. If the preparation is done properly, then the chances of success are greatly improved. The importance of good preparation cannot be over-stressed.

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